Madrone View


madrone tree

It is within the layers all things exist and it is within the layers we learn to live among the experiences that created the strength to grow.


Under a shade tree where leaves are dancing with the peaceful melody of nature

Crackling through the small breeze I can hear them wrestling with one another in harmony

Madrone tree, you have won my heart in this moment

Feeling your presence offers protection

Standing with all that surrounds you in such beauty

Breathing life with your unaltered energy

Free to believe, to stand, to bend, to flow, to grow

Gratitude is running deep for the confidence you radiate so freely

Thank you for sharing 

For shading

Thank you for the cracks you so proudly show as warrior wounds of your life

Thank you for sharing space with the earth’s delicate growth around you

Thank you for the soul food

Thank you for speaking such volume

Thank you for the confidence to stand beyond any doubts

Thank you for the invitation into this sacred space, to be loved, to sit with the uncomfortable and linger in your zesty energy 


When I lost my son 3 years ago , I had no idea the roller coaster of emotions that would take over my body, mind and soul. I had no idea that even with so much love imbedded inside me that grief has its own path and respecting it, is vital. Healing occurs daily, but what I found out most in this 3rd year , that isn’t different than the prior years, I just didn’t figure it out until this year. That all pain lingers within grief, so when anything else hurts it opens the loss of my son again and again.

Maybe next year it’ll be different now that I figured that part out, but mostly what I want to share is that pain needs a place to feel freedom to fly, to soar and change and to grow and heal. All love remains even when pain shows up, however for someone looking in without the experience, it often is uncomfortable to see, to watch, to be patient in the process.

It is not something that is meant to be hurried or told to let go of or change. It is a personal process and every person is so different. Let it be, so it can see, so it can feel, let it be, so it move and not get stuck.

Pain is also a protector, something we hang on to in fear of letting go and being undone, or without, fear and pain dance a beautiful dance, awareness is a beautiful addition. You can dance with it or you can hold it so tight along with fear that you become unaware you’re not moving.

Move, create or find a space you feel free to feel, to think, to be all of who you are with all your emotions and feelings and then a new way will begin.

9 thoughts on “Madrone View

    • Your amazing , thank you and I hope your doing well my friend I always love to read up on all that youve been learning and going through. I have had a great summer and this week so full of 4 grankids all week…i havent been able to read as much and have some catch up on rainy days. Big hugs!

      • Wow how special.💜 i am in a good place but my sister is unwell again which makes me sad I seem to be more detached in a healthy way this time I am staying as close to nature as I can.. It’s my healling balm. Lots of hugs in return..

        • Oh I’m so sorry that your sister isn’t doing well hun…Im glad youve found a healthy way to evolve this time and I’ll be praying for you and your sister and thinking about you.

          • Thanks so much for the prayers… she has stayed well mentally for over 10 months but this latest dive was a sudden shock.. I am gathering courage to visit her in the hospital.. I don’t find that easy…<3

            • I hope your sisters doing better daily as well as you..I also hope courage dances with you and your adventure to your decision to visit flows calmly and gives you the answers you may be seeking.

              • I seem to get flooded with emotions on some visits Kerri Elizabeth…I feel her helplessness but the last time I just stayed centered in prayer.. I can only help her by being there, I cant change anything going on in her mind and that is back in an extremely anxious state… thanks so much for your kinds wishes. I dont have any other answer than to love… <3

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