Her inquisitive soul inspires me to grow, to have the curiosity to go and observe in the adventures of courage.
~Kerri Elizabeth~
In the eyes of a kitty, you will see their life
Their thoughts
Their heartbeats in time with their experience
They don’t hold back their fears or love
 However, trust is earned not given away
Love is protected not given away
You will be trained
And if for some reason you decide you will train them
That’s when the lesson is learned
Free spirits are and always will be
There is no filter, no pretending, they are as authentically love as it gets
They teach, LOVE YOU first and I’ll match it tenfold!
 Mom, I love country music and the sunshine!
 Feb.21, 2018 #sunshine #Angel
Water is my refuge, my adventure into my mermaid soul just like my mommas, its how we roll. #angel #Sunshine