Pivotal Moments

Embracing the moments of change teach wisdom in place of resistance and fear.


Moments that seem to stop time

Moments where everything aligns

Gentleness and compassion intertwined

Letting go and holding on don’t exist

Presence is perfect

Where streams and rivers run free

Crossing paths with eternity

Then like a tree that falls across the river flow

Forcing a new direction

Beauty of change erupt the soul

Flow is held for a moment

Time is stopped

Panic and anxiety whisper nonsense to fear

Then so clear compassion gently taps

Im here


Whisper Your Story

Growth takes a lifetime of strength through every season, don’t miss a drop of rain or a ray of sunshine.

~Kerri Elizabeth~

Whisper to me your journey to the sky
Speak slowly so I can write them all
Share with me every rain drop you’ve felt
Every shiver in the storms
As you stand protecting me
Share with me every ring you earned at your core
As you share, I’m listening
To the winds shuffling your leaves
The crackling among your branches
The dew among the grass sharing precious reflections
May nature always inspire in you growth
Where God so creatively painted all the answers



Oh Momma, you are now free to fly and love at depths that cause no pain, see at lengths you never could and to feel grace under your beautiful new wings.


Oh momma

Greif holds no power to what I feel since you left this earth

Grief  holds no candle to the feeling since my son went first

You know so well the feeling I could never escape

It seems you may have had that too

The tragedy of loss to so many I have loved so deeply

The closeness of my grandmother, the father that raised me

All gone too soon in tragic endings

Oh Mom I can never erase the years we didn’t talk

The pain you felt when you walked

I can never erase the heart breaks and the misunderstandings it took us so long to shake

I can’t erase the days you wanted to talk about life and never could

I can’t erase the differences that could easily hold “we should”

You losing your mom so early and me never knowing the pain that shook your world too early

As if it was a secret never to be revealed

A past never healed

A memory never shared 

Or maybe a pain that never found its way into expressions or words

Or maybe your expressions where the pain 

Maybe our differences where the words

Oh mom I feel like I will never know the depth of pain you really felt

But I can tell you I truly feel them all right now with no answer to my calls

Oh, am I calling the wrong line

Have I forgotten it is our hearts that will always be aligned

So many lessons are only learned when the line we always knew is no longer heard

I love you forever MOMMA, thank you for the many many many lessons I learned and all the health you instilled into me, for the nature calls, for the sunshine chasing, for the river dips and lake swims, for growing up where I thought I didn’t want to and now live to get back to it as often as possible.

Thank you Momma for all the research and all the times you followed my adventures on Onstar and told me where every waterfall and river was, where to go off grid but always only where you could still know I lived. 

Thank you Mom for the times you could never share your truth with me, because now I search for you and look forward to you showing me in a way you felt you never could.

Thank you Mom for all I have learned and please help me in forgiving so much along my path so I can truly thrive and live. 

Help me everyday to be a better mom and Nina(grandma) and teach me along the way!

Love, your only daughter, willing to jump into glaciers, run wild and naked in the woods, to love the deer and kiss the fish, love the daughter you taught to run barefoot in all climates and listen to music not TV, love your only daughter who loved every animal as my sibling, love me mom in all my faults, feisty stance and stubbornness you taught me so well, love me mom and my ways that are much like yours, just searching and looking for the deepest peace!!!!!

Love to my most precious follower, MY MOM

Within the Clouds

Within the clouds intension and focus are highlighted for your success.


Sometimes the seemingly hardest times offer the most pivotal changes

Hunger for the deepest truths drive an unrelentless anxiety to know more

Deeply falling apart coordinates with a rising again

Disappearing into sacrifice opens transformation

Change must persevere while ripples of time disappear

Explanation is not apparent

An inner peace is sacrificed to enter through the clouds

You must purely trust the navigation system studied

Rising above the clouds dances with pure intention

Focus can not be lost

It is within the cloud you will question your strengths

It is above the clouds you will be reminded of your strengths

Never to forget 

Once you are above the clouds , you must return

Again you will question your strengths

Again you will be reminded who you are

Fall apart into who you are meant to be

The fall is part of the rising

The rising is part of the fall

The clouds are where intention and focus is planted


The clouds cover the chaos so intension and focus are all that matter. Often we think of clouds as a place we can’t focus.. when really it’s where focus becomes key.

My Forever Angel

Among the stars there are dreams that are actively living by the light of the moon , the warmth of the sun rand held by the whispering breeze of infinite love!

~Kerri Elizabeth ~

Swimming with intention

Weightless and floating

Tears increasing depth

Challenging inner capacity

Peace resides among these many steps

My heart races in sync with loss

Gathering one cellular breath at a time

Slowly reality ravels itself around me

I’m here

He’s not

Where are you my son

Where have you gone

Where is heaven

Will I see you soon among the stars and moon

Do you hear my shattered heart

Do you see my tears

Do you have some too

Do you know you left the earth

Do you remember who I am

Do you ever just sit next to me

Have you asked if you can return

Some days I just want to sit with you

So I do

In ways I never thought I’d have to

Walking through another season

With purpose and reason

I love you and miss you!




Reward is the understanding we are living and not just existing and time is misunderstood.

~Kerri Elizabeth~

The heat of the sun raises every vibration

Healing decides and resistance no longer exists

Heat melts away worry and contempt is whisked away by the winds

Beauty is among nature and serenity exists where we resist entering

Enter into the freedom of nature and its calling in your soul 

Dip into the grounding of the most majestic hills and deepest forests 

Listen and lean

Feel and hear

Observe and persevere

Believe and achieve

Silence and stillness

That is where all answers are waiting

Where all emotions are dancing

Where all worries disappear and balance appears

If peace can be found on a mountain top then peace is found wherever you are

Your there , aware, repaired, renewed

On the ground in the sunrays

I found my worries so small

My belief risen 

My journey guided

My son present

My love abundant 

My life like a river through the canyon

It’ll wind, turn, roar, find calmness, disappear into corners, submerge into curves but always it’ll appear far and near 

When it’s not seen it’s not gone

When it’s not heard it has not escaped

Instead, you have arrived to appreciate its wild presence

Lean into the inner wildnerness and adventure it’s language


Language in the Hills

When stillness awakens, it will be movement that creates your story!

~Kerri Elizabeth~

The wind searches for the grass and dances shamelessly

Awakening all stillness

Ripples upon the river speak volumes
Canyons yearn for the echo of a voice
Flowers are sprouting among the spring
Blades of grass, yellow and green arise from the hills
Sunshine widens every horizon with hope, showing nature’s beauty
Nothing is missing , complete serenity exists
Fulfillment is within the winds, flowers, the grass and the brisk breeze
Language is within natures presence and existance is peaceful
Majestic hills speak volumes while the river kisses every curve
Trees with wisdom share a melody
When at the top of the hill

Perspective shows you it is purely where you stand where love blooms

Complacent Surprise

Your heart shows up without asking, do you show up for your heart?

~Kerri Elizabeth~

Complacency will sneak a surprise

Views will be challenged and priority changes

Adaption will trickle through asking to be settled in

Reaction is abrupt and sly, waiting for your awareness

When senses are aware, reaction retreats

Emotion often stretches ahead and reaction is lured by the seduction of emotion

Stillness will speak while flirting with impatience and frustration

Love and awareness play chess with the opponents

Flesh is to be observed when grace is your foundation

It will ultimately be the surrender of action that leads to your most valued awareness


Quiet Reminiscence

Within calmness is an untouched space waiting to be entered.


Selected random thoughts swirl within the chaos of your mind
The rest waits, often Untouched and Un phased
Others Return from a sprint of perseverance
Challenge is always within
Quiet reminiscent wonder rises above the fog
Splendor will be released after the resistance we experience through change
Joy will enter when the doors to sorrow have been opened completely
It won’t be the sorrow that held you back
It will be the unwillingness to open the door and walk through



The battle is up to you, the war is within you!


There will be a love you cant explain

A loss you’ll have to navigate through

There will be joy in abundance

Choice will shake and shutter your courage

Investigate strategies of the heart

Feel the silence in the art

Create a way to where no words are forced

Where flow is adapted with grace

May the quiet moments of loss strengthen not sabotage

Whispers will ride on every thought

Delivering calmness into the light

Mediate your emotions and allow grace and character to recite wisdom

Believe in the most beautiful miracles

Existence is not to be submissive