Now and Then

Do you ever catch yourself multi- tasking so much you don’t remember what you just did and where you just put something you need to find? Do you read pages in a book and realize you have to go back and read it again because your mind wondered?

Here is a challenge for the day, think about what your doing all day. Be in the “NOW”, not the” THEN” moments. For instance when you wake up in the morning are your thoughts on waking up. Do you give your brain a moment to take in the beauty of just waking up ? ┬áDo you think about the little things, that really aren’t so little because they keep us alive? Like your heart beating, your lungs filling with air, your muscles moving, your eyelids opening, your tongue that allows you to swallow. These of course are just a few. Be grateful for these little things that are not so little. Just give a good thank you to your body and mind for working for you.

Take a moment to realize where your thoughts are, “your energy goes where your thoughts are”. Take a moment to realize where your at , what your doing and if your thoughts are in line with that action. Are you just getting through your day with thoughts , actions and moments that never align. do you even remember most of them at the end of the day?

Try to be in the “NOW “not the “THEN” and work on being present when your talking to someone, give them eye to eye contact, put down your phone, stop for a moment and give yourself and anyone in your path today your “NOW “not your “THEN”.

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