Fuel for Thought

What if every morning you decided with fierce intention this was going to be a fantastic day?

Do you live your life waiting or looking for happiness?

Are your responses and reactions in line with your intentions?

The Sunshine project will be a continual challenge to your thoughts as well as continual information that will help direct your path to live everyday with passion and tenacity.

Every morning can start with a smile and everyday there are a million things to be in gratitude about.

What if you just took 5 minutes to write down all the things you were grateful for and you did this everyday?

Do you think this could start to change your life?

I promise you it will change your life and I also promise you , you will not run out of things to be grateful for. You will start to live in the gratitude of every breath and every moment, when you run out of people and material things to write, you have to start digging deep for more and noticing more and allowing yourself more. Abundant thoughts are on their way.

Hang on tight for daily Sunshine, I will be shining light on all areas of life, health, fitness, food, skin, finance and family.

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