Truly self or self induced

There is nothing to do. Just be.

Do nothing.Be.

No climbing mountains and sitting in caves.

I do not even say “be yourself”

Since you do not know yourself

Just be

Digest this information and just “BE” for a moment

If you are part of the millions of people who exist by medicating your self induced stress


running away, drinking, drugs, anger ,blame, shame, over eating and so many other things that

block your thoughts, patterns and emotions so that you can never truly feel or identify them,

just breathe this in for a moment

Who is your true self, do you know

Our true self does not self inflict pain, it does not limit our dreams and desires

Our true self wants the best for our life and it gives us purpose

When you reach the most peaceful state, there is no rule that says it has to be done in a quiet place

or when your life slows down

We can seek within ourselves the peace we naturally have or we can

starve ourselves of the amazing gift that is part of us

You can also use one eye and close the other all day long, but why would you if you can use both

Our self talk dictates our ability to experience , peace, pleasure, love and so many other things.

Peace is not something you receive, peace is there to establish in every situation and encounter you come across

It is an inner attitude, a flicker that can not be put out

It doesn’t mean that life won’t throw you a curve ball, what I’m saying is that you can draw from the flicker for peace

The energy around you will change, it is almost impossible for

anyone around you to feel stressed or overwhelmed if you are in a state of peace

Peace is a faster energy, just your presence alone will calm others

This state of peace causes pheromones of measurable energy to radiate from you

You will affect others lives without even realizing it

This goes back to lighting thousands of candles with one flicker

Share your peace and watch the change of others around you

Just be

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