Keep your face to the sunshine and you can not see a shadow!
Helen Keller

Sunshine is always above the rain.
In the Northwest  it can seem strange.
You must be able to imagine the glow.
To have the sunshine from inside flow.
There is sunshine in every smile.
There is a glow that reaches miles.
Sunshine comes in many forms.
A heart, a thought ,an attitude transformed.
Reach inside for the best you.
Everyday feel it too!
A hug
A glance
A gesture
A wink
A handshake
A phone call
A note
A word
This is some sunshine ideas you can share.
Be the light.
The love and the glow.
The sunshine comes from within ,you just need to know.
Shine it
Define it
Share it
YOU are it!
Sunshine from within!

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