I meant what I said and I said what I meant, an elephant’s  faithful one-hundred percent.

Dr. Suess

Do you ever see an elephant in the room?

Do you feel his presence and let the anxiety bloom?

Do you feed him assumption until he continues to grow?

Sooner or later it has to go.

Take him on with kindness and tenacity.

Don’t let him grow past your capacity.

Be loving and kind and teach it where to go.

Lead it, believe it, and show it where you want to go.

Give it room to breathe, let it feast off a field of greatness.

Let it walk into completeness.

Give it the attention it deserves.

Let the presence of it be observed.

The elephant will continue to grow.

Let it go where it can get the attention and freedom to breathe and know.

Knowing where it can stand is a powerful lesson you have the power to understand.

An elephant starts as a baby just like you.

Teach it and love it and lead it.

You have all it takes to achieve it.

Let the Sunshine on the elephant, reveal its strength and vulnerability.

Both need attention and light to grow.

Sunshine for you on something you know.

Little reminders to light the way.

Have an absolutely beautiful day!

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