Challenge your Line


When you wake up and decide life is truly devine throw out the line and challenge a higher climb.
Kerri Elizabeth

The morning brings a bear ,he is so close to my window I stare.
He hears me whisper slightly and looks up at me aware.
His eyes are so amazing his ears round and sweet, I can hardly resist thinking he is really very sweet.
Then he turns to walk away into the woods right ahead.
The power as he moves leaves me breathless in my bed.
Time to rise and shine and get to the lake so we can drop a line.
The wind is  blowing the water and  ripples roll to shore.
The sky radiating purples and deep vibrant pinks laying on the mountains as if love was what it seeked.
Intensity in these mountains surround me with majesty all around.
The sun is starting to shine and the reflection moves with time.
The silence is so intense you have no chance for defense.
The waters go calm and the breeze blows gently across my face with a calm  suttle embrace.
I feel a rumble through my bones and  a strong amazing strength in front of me to uphold.
The excitement  of the early morning brings a bite by the morning light.
Adrenaline rushes through me, I don’t want to go in.
Let’s stay until tomorrow and keep reeling them in.
The feelings of my child hood rush through my blood, fire and fiery to catch the right  one.
Team work rolls them in and the smiles and the hearts determine what’s within.
Life is good and music is great, but power on the line brings amazing grace.
Thank you for nature’s way and bringing me another day!
Sunshines on you and the heat finds you.
Breathe in the beauty of the moment all around.

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