Profound is found

living outloud

Let the life of today be your now and let the past not hold you down and all your tomorrows to be profound.

Kerri Elizabeth

Joy in the day and the moment and the feelings stay.

Letting go of the, I can’t’s, I don’t’s and I won’t’s.

I am letting go so I can receive, give, love and live.

A spontaneous moment I’m driven to chance, I’m risking the beauty in the possibility of the dance.

You make a difference to me, your adventure moves me, and nature come into me.

The vibration of sound rages through me so profoundly it goes deep down and I feel it consume me.

Resistance isn’t strong enough to hold back the feeling and keep me trapped in what life I’m not revealing.

The mountain, the waterfall, the drive, the exchange of energy shows its place in time.

The forest shows its branches, the trees will grow back, the growth shows the scars from fires and nature’s impact.

The wind blows the leaves from one side to the other, the road twists and turns as they flow together.

A lifetime of winds and gusting storms, they have shown their place again and again, the rains and the heat of the weather seem to leave less space for one

Does the forest stop growing and say no more when life rushes through and has raged with storms?

Holding on to your roots, coming back to the start, where were you planted and are you healed from that part?

Are you moved through life under the moon, do you enjoy the stars and can you listen and learn?

Can you hear the winds come through today or are you fixed on the past storms that came through another day?

Can you be present in today and let go of how it happened long ago?

Can you be in today, can you get back to the moment when you go away?

Be present in the now and be careful your moment is not about what happened before with someone or somehow.

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