You Are Your Own Decision


That someone else is also YOU!
Kerri Elizabeth

When I woke up my heart ached.
Last words spoken were no mistake.
Learning everyday to say,” I can decide”.
Growing everyday and putting the littler things aside.
Be careful not to own the judgements of someone else.
Most importantly let go of the judgements you put upon yourself.
Take the time you need to breathe and believe.
When loving someone  else create a place they feel safe to be themselves.
Loving another isn’t conforming them to your way, it’s understanding and choosing to go or stay.
Attempting to limit another’s feelings based on how you think about things, is a clear reflection of change waiting to arise within yourself.
Some look to be taught.
Some look to learn.
Some decide to teach.
Some decide to give a speech.
Some decide they know the answer.
Some decide you will know there answer too.
Some share the joys and break rules along the way.
Some will decide there rules are the only way.
Thankfully some is the sum of whatever you think and feel today.
You decide for you and respect others for that too, right or wrong is up to you.
Sunshine every single day!

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