The Decision to Live


The heart heals, the mind reminds, the soul leads and love forgives.

Kerri Elizabeth

 Is your inner control mistaken for protection?

 Get to the heart of the matter.

Judgement and decision, are you aware of your choice?

Action and reaction, the results will be different.

Offense or defense, take your position and responsibility for the outcome.

Love or jealousy, listen to your heart.

To hold on and to let go, releasing what holds you captive from joy.

To feel and to be free, allowing feelings to pass through, experience the strength growing to the other side of the matter.

 To love and to live in love, when you choose to see love, love will be what you live.

To give and to receive with no expectations, letting go of the ties that bind you.

Revealing, authentic and present, staying true to your own evolution of growth and life.

A change is made from the responsibility of ownership of only our own thoughts.

Owning our moments, owning our actions, reactions and story, grants a choice to creatively grow.

Owning someone else’s actions holds us hostage in their story and takes away the opportunity to create change in our own story.

Be your story and the main character in your journey beyond limited beliefs.

Be courageous in letting go.

Be brave in knowing what you seek is seeking you.

Be patient in the process,

Letting go of owning another’s actions and reactions and living in their story removes you from your own story, taking personally only your own delivers you the options possibilities and choices to change.

Be still in the sound of another’s inner roar, hear the heartbeat and soul screaming to be heard, to be loved, accepted, nurtured and accepted.

Be still with a quiet heart and listen.

To give love, you must first be love.

To receive love, you must first love.


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