Wear Grace on Your Face


Don’t let anyone or anything ruin your day, your in control of your smile everyday!
Kerri Elizabeth

One day,one moment,one thought,one feeling leads to another.
In a cancer center with his mother.
Don’t do this, don’t do that.
Do they really care where your at?
Every person has lost their smile.
There hope and health lost in denial.
I’m counting over 50 faces, coughs, heaviness and lives faded.
In a glance I realize my son is so different  than everyone.
He’s hopeful, happy, keeps his mind clear and knows his path and keeps his  positive energy near.
What makes you different than yesterday, take a good look at who you are today.
He’s on his second round of acute lymphoblastic  leukemia , an I amp21 to raise the bar and an attitude that will kick cancers ass far.
As I look around  at everyone down I’m reminded we can choose not to frown.
Color lost and posture heavy, heads  looking at the floor and hearts on the other side of life’s open doors.
We choose our thoughts they choose our feelings.
Based on how we perceive life, hope and love can be our own advice.
Choose your thoughts and where they go, you are the only one in control.
Believe in the process of the depth life gives, it’s teaching you always how better to live.
Doctors , machines, beeping near me, needles, veins and cells to clear.
I watch my boys face he’s resting right now , while I see the tubes running his blood through somehow.
He’s patient and strong, he never complains, he’s a warrior man and his spirit is fierce.
Believe that today is your day everyday and don’t let anything ruin the way.
Sunshining on YOU today, stand in the light of your grace and wear a permanent smile on your face.

4 thoughts on “Wear Grace on Your Face

  1. A positive article Kerry. Being strong and smiling is not easy. Especially if you are not well. But we need to be positive and have courage. Always trusting in The Lord. He will never forsake us. There is no need to call. He will be there.

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