Grandbabies Make the World Go Round


A grandchild changes everything, the gift of a love rewarded from above from raising their parents and not coming undone.
Kerri Elizabeth

The gift of a grandchild.
The smiles that change a heartbeat.
The giggles that move your world.
The belly laughs that make you cry.
The noises from toys that sound all day, the ones I’d throw away if my kids played.
Ice cream for lunch instead of a meal.
Staying up late building forts because mom and dad said,” go to bed”.
A grandchild recieves everything your own children worked hard for and all they have to do is look at you.
A grandchild can mend a heart, change a frown and in a second your found.
Running toward you with a smile, they can melt you for miles.
My grandchildren rise above all that is love , there is a place called bliss that only exhists when my grandchild says ,”Nina”.( that’s my grandmother name, replaced for “you’ll never be the same “.)
Sunshine on my grandchildren, if you don’t have one, adopt one, they change everything, there’s never a cloud to be found, when grandchildren are around.

5 thoughts on “Grandbabies Make the World Go Round

  1. They certainly are a blessing and staying fit to run after them.

    Abundant blessings , Emma

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