Why Do You ?


If you knew why would that change your how and now, how long do you wait to know?
Kerri Elizabeth

I don’t need to know why, I want to cherish in the Thank you it is.
I don’t need to know why, I want to be present in this moment, it’s not a quiz.
I  carry no worry, I choose to be centered in joy and love and no hurry.
I choose not to dwell on what I didn’t arrange, I thrive in purpose that now is my change.
I choose the sunshine and love the rain.
I choose to smile and know that tears often come to erase the fears.
I see a wish, not a weed.
I see frowns upside down.
I see a cloud passing like a blanket in the sky.
There will be pain, there will be gain.
There will be news that hits like a freight train.
You’ll experience adrenaline, reactions and fear.
You’ll see things that you wished you would of missed and are not near.
You’ll wonder why and how and who often times there will be only one thing  you can do.
Breathe and meditate in gratefulness.
Sunshine on YOU!

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4 thoughts on “Why Do You ?

  1. You inspire me all the time to always look at the positive in a situation, to try to be more centre and at peace within myself. Thank you for being a shining star of example in a world of chaos and negativity. I miss your smile and hope to see you again soon.

    • Thank you Lianne your a sweetheart, my computer decided to retire into cyber world heaven lol, I’ll be back, I love to share my joy in the world and I’m so happy it makes a difference to you.
      Often I write from my phone however I miss the details of emotions because I write with my eyes closed and go into my heart when I write. My phone sure doesn’t work that way.
      Thank you so much and I hope your day is beautiful and full of sunshine!

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