Reel-em In


There is a lesson in all you do when.       awareness is what you choose!

              Kerri Elizabeth

In the ripple of the water I see consistency.
In the rising of the sun the day has just begun.
In the echos of the geese flying by there is mutual excitement about the sunrise.
Fishing line in tow.
Mackinaw on the go.
A Chainsaws going in the background.
Stop and hear every sound, awareness can be found.
The reflection of nature calmly attached to the lake’s surface.
The fresh air and mountains give purpose.
Even a gentle breeze flows in its own time.
Then Bam a bite on my fishing line.
Reel em in and see who wins.
Patients and persistence on both ends.
Will it fight me or release from me?
Will it tease me and teach me?
Will it eventually feed me?
Honoring nature’s flow and letting go of what’s out of my control!
Sunshining on nature’s way of teaching.

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