Priceless Processing






Love the Process of living your life and allow others the same great surprise!

Kerri Elizabeth

The Process of the sun rising to shining.

The process of water evaporating.

The process of a baby growing and drinking from a cup.

The process of a seed growing from the ground up.

The process of a river to grow with the snow flow.

The process of  seeing and believing a feeling.

The process of sharing and giving and recieving.

The process of wisdom from experiencing.

The process from recess after lunch to loving a nap a bunch.

The process of feeling the vibration of words coming together into a song.

The process of learing right from wrong.

The process of an apple turned into a pie.

The process of attraction turned to love thats alive.

The process of life…….





Breathing and


The process to allow ones process to be in their time and not yours.

The process of learning and not personalizing.

The process of flowing out of resistance.

The process of consistent persistence.

The process of all things requires space to grow.

Processing through the heat and the sunshine’s glow.

Sunshine on more to know.

Thank you Mom for allowing me my own process and loving me along the way!

Thank you to my children Brandee, Jaycee, Zakary and Cheyenne for teaching me so much through your own processes and loving me through mine.

Thank you to the love of my life Rob for being an outside of the box processor like me and growing and loving with me along our journey of life, love, laughter, living, breathing, believing and experiencing.

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