Mermaid Heart

Where water flows and the soul knows, love overflows!

~Kerri Elizabeth~


A mermaid soul lives in the flow of the waters that be

Her heart and soul bound for rivers, lakes and the mighty sea

Reaching for a piece of the moon and the stars

Venus in pure love illuminates its own memoir


The integrity of the universe does not demand


So beautifully offers out a way to expand

Love deeply like the radiance of the sun

Surrender to the depth

Tomorrow the morning will come

The beauty of the water will draw you in to be one

Mermaid’s heart so full of life

Live free with the waters that be


4 thoughts on “Mermaid Heart

  1. Starfish , with hands wide stretched , Fingers fluttering cumbersome fueled With energy of spice tingling toes what do you suppose bottom to top Topsy Turvy must always Compose, Life in order yes it is ,trust the creator the Engine of life So we all dont decompress It my heaven i Guess

    Godspeed and may All your dreams Come true ,


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