Dare to BE and then Dance


When your children are free to be, to dance and see, to be creative in their energy space, then we too are free and we all resonate on a higher vibration plain. 

~Kerri Elizabeth~

Love and grace weave into your energy space

Whispering currents of encouragement tantalizing your soul

Creation already knows

Reflections become whole

Blue skies don’t fall

Your part of it all

A masterpeice is not created by day

Perseverance tiptoes all the way

Continual loving persuasion of self




5 thoughts on “Dare to BE and then Dance

    • Thank you Lorrie, thats my youngest daughter..complete and beautiful, free to Be ,she is the most authentically sassy, unfiltered, confident human I know, no holding back that child…shes as free spirited as they get and she will never tell you what you want to hear only what she feels. Lol she teaches me all the time about being ME in the truest form!

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