Complexity and Truth Rival


Complexity will show up as a blueprint defining you and your direction, truth will show up and unravel complexity!

~Kerri Elizabeth~

Truth escapes complexity

Uncovered, unmasked and unhidden

Meaningfulness demands authority

Consolidate emotions and thoughts deliberatly

Undefined by rejection, opinion or judgement

Truth and complexity will rival for mindset

Arrival and appearance are never delayed

Truth escapes complexity

When love has unconditional longevity


One of many lessons that have impacted how I see, feel and live my life. Love must have unconditional longevity to escape complexity. Where there are boundaries , conditions live, rejection and judgement reside and live inside.
Having the rules and boundaries defined and written for your family, career or marriage certificate does not exempt your life from complexity. It is the lack of courage to live in our deepest truths and thoughts, afraid we will be rejected, abandoned or fired that create so many rules we leave no room for growth.

I have heard it all, rules are meant to keep you on track, to add order, stability, protection and define a life you can follow like a dot to dot. Don’t go outside the lines or consequences and punishments will be handed out. Sure we learn from this, sure I believe we need it all to learn. However, the consequence resides already inside, the punishment goes hand in hand with the action.

It is in the awareness in the process of making your own mistakes and having an opportunity to grow naturally rather than forcefully and loved unconditionally that gives us inspiration to continue to grow.
It is not in the order or rules, boundaries and confines of ourselves or others ideas engineered in a dot to dot lifestyle that interest me.

It is in the awakening of our own consciousness and deliberate willingness to brave the elements and hear beyond it all that interests me.

The rest is a road map or a blueprint leading us all to the same place. Some of us are leaders and others followers, some manifest and some facilitate, some cry, some laugh, some process then react, some react then process, some support you and some will will transport you…..Some follow rules, some break rules, all have a purpose and all present change and all offer knowledge.

Do you believe in unconditional?

Do you think you live and love unconditional?

What are your thoughts on this?


12 thoughts on “Complexity and Truth Rival

  1. I think it’s an aspiration I strive for though humans are complex. I love how the sentiment of escaping complexity by loving unconditionally. I wonder though when people talk about having healthy boundaries to protect yourself from being taken advantage or to prevent enabling behavior that could be harmful. The only unconditionally love I feel is one of a pet or even a baby. <3

    • Profound…when there is unconditional love protection I think is nothing we have to ask for or create boundaries around or inside…there would be no need if we could just BE without all the conditions…very few will ever touch the surface, if at all this unconditional love unless we first learn to be unconditional ly loving ourselves..being taken advantage of would not exist if unconditional love stood in its place…I agree pets and babies are the perfect example of pure genuine love…I love your exchange of feelings and I appreciate your candid share so much.

      • You’re welcome. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. This is wonderful encouragement to love oneself. It makes me wonder when people talk about how charity starts in the home, but maybe on a deeper level of taking care of the home that houses your feelings.

  2. We as human beings are completely conditional. In all thing. It’s why the Lord has to come that we might learn unconditional love through Him.

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