Noise that knows…

There is a peaceful noise available where truth awaits our stillness.

~Kerri Elizabeth~

Within the winds knowledge blows

Within the cold crisp breeze, autumn shows

Inside a sunset sitting with ease

Amongst a lake flirting with natures breeze

Where calmness leaves behind a wrestling dis-ease

Where the sky opens infinitely

Noise is beautiful when it comes from the trees

Expressed in the sound of bees

The feeling of peace released

In the magnificent places

Where nature rests

Where wrestling is branch to branch

Where rivers dance

Where mountains make a mighty stance

Where oceans roar and sand is stored

Where an echo is a sign of more

In a canyon where intrigue is stored

Where beauty is defined by the ages of times


11 thoughts on “Noise that knows…

    • Thank you, I’m working my photos off of Facebook and closing down that avenue, its distracting to me. Ive been working more and not able to get as much nature as I love so much, and all my inspiration and Gods talks with me are Aligned most in nature without all the distractions of the world.

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