Reflect and Revise

From behind the lens of our heart we will see beauty and we will see pain, both intertwined expressing our deepest love!

Kerri Elizabeth

Unearth and evoke your spirit

Forge into a glorious exploration of reflection

Clarify within your hearts rhythm

Cup your ears hearing only the life inside

Explore and observe an anatomical connection

Access precision and revise the reflection of your most current addition

Clarify empathy, passion and personal intent

Informance quietly awakes your soul

Performance is unpressured

Taking a lengthy look into reflection

Strength is not built by the thought

Its is built by the experience of accepting grace

By honoring a divine space

Reflection is what spills from our core

Breathe and allow the revising of more

It is with great pain I feel this. As the passion of my son and his birthday is upon me for the second year since he left I am filled with love and overflowing with pain. I recognize the tangling of emotions intertwine to deepen our sense to love, presence, health and what is really important to us.

It leaves little room disappear, take detours and to escape. It is the presence of the pain in my heart that needs honoring, not escaping, it is the pain that is talking to me and telling me things I need to know and recognize.

No matter what you are going through, the work it takes to overcome and to grow and revise your core is worth allowing your reflection to show and heart to open. You will not escape the pain but rather it will sit dormant waiting to be honored as a part of your journey.

There is no need detour back to the depth of the experience giving it more power and judging it. There is simply a need to honor it as part of your journey giving it gratitude and moving forward into the gifts that are awaiting you.

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