Stubborn Embrace


The tides roll in and they roll out, but they never come back exactly the same!



Tides change inevitably
The sun rises into a sunset

Love and pain

Do they rise and set as well

Life and death, are they lovers

Are we dyeing to live or living to die 
Resistance thrives in our stubborn embrace

Is it resistance that creates our pain

What used to be community has taken on separation
Our younger generation standing for their truth
The older generation standing for theirs
In between a generation split

Compassion has no judgements
It doesn’t split from itself
It is love, it leads and follows in harmony with our heart
It changes without judgements attached
But instead evolves with understanding






10 thoughts on “Stubborn Embrace

    • Awe thank you and me too. Compassion is such a beautiful space and our heart and minds are so harmonized in that space, I’m more aware when I’m not fully there now , we wonder so much as humans in a subconscious space on autopilot and ive noticed myself do that more than I wanted to admit..grounding myself continually has been key to being in a compassionate space more often.

      • I love that bit about wondering or wandering on auto pilot.. seeing that more myself now. Today I felt dizzy with the realisation of how much we split off..grounding as you say is key…. hugs and love <3

        • I had a massage therapist friend that works with trauma and these things tell me I was leaving my body…she was working on me and noticed I was leaving, not breathing and completely leaving…she asked if I’m dizzy alot and I said yes horribly..she explained when we leave and come back our spirit has been in the higher vibrations running free, you know how escaping our pain and circumstance can feel better, everyone does it at different depths..well when I ground myself and bring my spirit back in alignment our human body doesn’t vibe at that same high vibration and were not calibrated to handle that..hence the dizziness..ive been paying more attention to times I’m wandering and realize not as present or in meditation and prayer when I feel like im hanging in the ethers with my son safe and sound and need to get back to grounding presence, ive been monitoring how I feel.

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