My Wisest Teacher and My Son


What the eye does not see is where the heart is set free!

~Kerri Elizabeth~

This baby of mine, my boy that has become a warrior man, husband, son, brother and friend.

His strength and courage far out stretch any I have ever seen, heard of or experienced.

I’d say it’s because I’m his mom and I’m biased, but that’s just a small part of the truth.

His story can’t fit on this page, but the light in his smile can radiate for you a message.

Interpret the love in these eyes and this smile from an unconditional love.

To know him is to love him.

To hear him is to capture the sound and rhythm of pure adoration and gratitude and love for life.

To walk with him is to teach you the most magnificent postural power.

To hug him is to feel more energetic peace than you’ll ever feel.

To speak to his soul is a gift I am blessed to behold.

To be his momma is the best gift I’ve ever received and it can’t be bought or sold.

To share our hearts while we reflect on our life’s path to here is in pure gratitude.

To feel his heartbeat while he holds my hand and hear him say, “I’m OK mom” when nothing seems even close to ok, teaches me the most love and strength I’ve ever experienced.

This BOY has a heart of 100 badass LIONS and as his spirit roars and becomes too big to fit into his frail body, he continues to teach us all, he is so much more than what you see!

Take your blinders of life off, it’s what you DON’T see that sets you free!

My WISEST teacher ever, MY SON!

I love YOU and my soul’s tapped in, every life you’re in, you promised you’d pick me as your mom again!

Can we make a pact though, that next time you don’t run faster than me?

I love you every minute and every second!

Your Momma for infinity!


(For those of you who don’t know Sunshine is my Soul’s voice, it’s the source where my words come and my eyes are closed and the deepest part of me shines!)

A Whole Love


Tip your head and your heart to make sure love fills every part!

Kerri Elizabeth

Where lessons show up, strength will interrupt.

Where goals are set, the next step has to be met.

Where there is doubt, there is no trust to amount.

Where there is selfishness, understanding lacks graciousness.

Where there is accusations made, a moment turns into a grenade.

Where there is distraction, comes retraction.

Where there is a dysfunctional control, resistance and defense oppose it all.

Where unkind words become actions on every turn, love is lost and not returned.

Where dishonor is served, awareness is deserved.

Where love exists, time is not a miss.

Where a heart is protected, and arms are there to hold, you will together grow old.

Where your soul is set to fly, love will be bold but never take hold.

Where love is complete you are one before two meet.

Where two become one, someone came undone.

Two wholes are unbreakable strength.

When you lift a whole and share the roll , double bonded is forever a positive control.

Letting go of what doesn’t encourage you to be whole is the key to letting go of what doesn’t serve your goals.

Be in love with all you do and forgive the moments your learning too.

Lessons in Sunshine!