Conquer the fear that holds you near!
Kerri Elizabeth

It’s calling me to play.
My heart is pounding to make a way.
My legs are shaking from the unknown.
My chest is heavy, just let go.
My stomach full of butterflies that say Yes not No.
I walk knee deep and breathe in the energy flow.
Then to my hips send me forward it’s time to go.
I step one step at a time,trusting me the one I know.
The rocks and sand grab my feet one at a time.
No one is near except me and my fear.
I’m about to conquer this deep fear in here.
The water is calm.
No boats coming  along.
No waves to ride.
Everyone is sleeping inside.
It’s quiet and calm.
It’s time to move forward and trust everything  inside me.
Jump in and move on its waiting to be behind me.
I did it, I moved,I conquered the fear. That was a lie way to near.
It’s done and I’m passed it.
I felt the truth.
Next step I’ll conquer more than 20 minutes in there.
Swimming in deep water with someone near the previous year was very different in conquering this challenging fear.
Now nothing can hold me back from swimming  farther and getting race ready in fact.


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