Sharing Your Recipe


The recipe for your life is the food you share with others.

Kerri Elizabeth








Sharing what is real to you is what is real indeed, until we share we don’t change, our growth remains.

Sharing your thoughts and dreams and authentic feelings bring depth to your journey of healing.

It’s the people we can be real with, without judgement without fault, when we can share what is real it opens up doors to creative ideas and our hearts.

Be true to you by showing the true you, be vulnerable if need be, release a moment to set the old belief free.

Judging your feelings based on being less than the best is a place you will find is never a place you can rest.

Do it if you choose that route, listen to the judgement and the harsh words you’re spilling out.

Would you say those things to someone you love?

Would you teach another to shove?

Your life is a recipe, what are you adding in the mix?

Is it raw and real, can you digest it and assimilate nutrition and appeal?

Is it good for you and will it help you grow, is it safe and have you looked at the price to know?

Have you adjusted the cost of what you’re holding and put the value on the truth it has told you?

The speed of healing for someone else’s space is not yours to judge or take its place.

When love is in place there is no judgement in that space, listening and loving is the true embrace.

Forgiving is really just for you, it’s a place you are blessed to lay down baggage to move.

Be Authentic in your ingredients.

Be giving in your place.

Receive with grace.

Accept this moment.

Change with growth.

Adapt into the ability to evolve into a consistent loving place.

The recipe is yours to create.

Would you feed that recipe to the ones you love?


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