Share your beauty in everyway, it makes a difference  to the one always looking, that’s  you in case your wondering!
                       Kerri Elizabeth

The early morning sunlight turned on.
The sky so pure blue it’s like brand new.
The moon is sitting perfectly in the sky as if it just asked to sit there for my view.
The lake is talking with the birds, sky and the moon.
The  birds are singing all around me they all are together in tune.
In the distance I can hear chatter, and at the same time a fish jumps and it all matters.
The morning has started and children are giggling  on summer break.
What wonder I feel in this moment I take.
The air is beautiful and cool in the shade and the most beautiful heat is at the summer suns feet.
My day has just begun and I’m  surrounded by love that will never come undone.
I am so grateful  for my life.
I’m so grateful for love that came from strife.
I’m so greatful for every face, for the smiles and energy that continue in my space.
I’m so greatful for my family, the life and love just how its found me.
God perfectly planned that all around me.
Find in everyday the beauty as your way.
Be the smile you want to see.
Be the beauty for you and me.
Be the sunshine in your pathway.
Be the light in your morning.
Be the calm in your night.
Be the decision you want to change.
Be the love in every exchange.
Be the joy in the answer.
Be the solution and the dancer.
Be everything to you, that you want near by too.
No matter who’s around , no matter what the sound, inside of you build a solid ground.
The one that’s always looking is the one that makes the difference, it’s you that’s the witness in morning day and night.
It’s YOU that’s always looking, be your shining light, for you and everyone else that stands in your sight.


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