The day starts and ends so you can start  a new day again, thank you for another chance to see better than the last glance.

                 KERRI ELIZABETH

In the evening sky the sun rays say goodbye.
The chatter stops and the shades drop.
Quiet calms the day and rest is on its way.
Thank you for the beautiful sky today.
Thank you for laughter and the smiles all day.
Thank you for the fears that I conquered yesterday and the invitation to love them today.
Thank you for the beauty in my day, it surrounded me and gave me peace along the way.
Thank you for the birds that sang , rest up sweet birdies tomorrow is another day.
Thank you to the deep lake for surrounding me with all your mass, I felt your protection at last.
Thank you to trees around for giving me oxygen all around.
Thank you to the big and tiny rocks for creating a path I can walk.
Thank you for the flowers around, I realize smell is so profound.
Thank you for the laughter I hear,  the voices and chatter are beautiful and clear.
Thank you for each moment I live and the blessings it continues to give.
Thank you ,thank you, thank you I’m abundantly greatful in this world and I’m thankful for each of you that read these words.


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