Bare The Rays


Choose clarity in your words and in actions, yes or no is the only way to go.

 Kerri Elizabeth

When a decision is made it’s clear in thought,close the crack for fear and doubt or an opinion that can cloud it out.

Bare your rays in praise.

Center your thoughts and balance your days.

Be clear and concise and know your own advice.

Be wise and true to the feelings inside you.

Confusion is not a place to embrace.

Confusion is simply a turning place.

It’s a clear place to take a moment and make a choice, make it clear and move out of it with a loving voice.

Taking the time to breathe and be still, know that feeling and let it be revealed.

The answer may be just to be still, it may be to ride a bike up a hill, it may be to take a moment to pray or ask a friend their insight today.

When I’m not clear in thought, I can look at that and see, it’s a reminder I need to process and be true to me.

There is so much information today on everything from health to how to play.

Take the time to choose what is right for you, not just what is right for everyone looking at you.

You are the model that inspires change, and you are the model to decide your own exchange.

It takes training daily to swim a mile and it takes a lifetime of learning daily not to rush the end of any journey.

The journey is your life, it is an ever-changing seasonal delight.

Everyone needs clarity; get out of confusion it is an illusion, moving forward has to be from the place you see.

Where you see is where you are, that is the only place you can step forward to go far.

Thank you for the ability to hear, for the friends and family always near.

Thank you for the guiding light, for the reminder of what you have seen from my light.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and allowing me to share mine too.

Thank you for all the love shared that has helped me find clarity in my thoughts I have bared.

Sunshine continues to bare its rays!

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