Thank you for every moment I have the opportunity to live, to feel, to grow and to know without a doubt, love is what    it’s all about.
                          Kerri Elizabeth

The rhythm of the heart.
The beat is where it starts.
Get up and move to the sound of gratitude.
Thank your lucky stars for the spirit you are.
Thank you in the small things.
Thank you in the big things.
Thank you in all things
Creation is a beautiful thing.
Smiles go far.
Mean it when you give or recieve a hand shake or a hug.
Run and have fun, frolick in the sun.
Do you remember a time where you had no worry in site?
Take a moment to rest on the fact, that option allows peace and rest.
Thank you for the way my eyelids give me shade.
Thank you for the way my lips move and help me enunciate words to my inner hearts expression of verbs.
Thank you for the wrinkles that show a map of my smiles through the adventures and miles.
Thank you for the weight I pick up now and then,
to remind me I can let go again.
Thank you for all the times I looked at myself and cried, for reasons now I see are part of growing into the best part of me inside.
Thank you for the messengers that come into my life, to open up old wounds and remind me not to hide.
Thank you for the push to reach heights I’d never find.
Thank you for the lungs that keep me on this earth, they have been generous and given me endurance since the blessing of my birth.
Take a moment everyday to be thankful for everything you once thought was in your way, be in gratitude for the gift to build strength to let it go away.
Sunshine in depth!

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