Releasing a Tear……..


A heart in the sky opens wide showing what is possible is only limited by the distance we decide.

Kerri Elizabeth

Addiction is real and can steal what you feel.

The inner connection is lost.

The sound of what you thought you knew becomes bigger than any rule.

Where a tear falls down a new release and fight is found.

Where your determination is the truth, doubt tries to balance and sneak into you.

The inner weather forecast predicts, be prepared for changes like this.

The sun will shine and smiles you will have to find, like panning in a gold mine.

No one can tell you how fast you will travel through.

Trust becomes made inside of you.

Letting go of what traps your pain is now let go for so much more.

Experience to your scars leaves a memory so far.

“So far”, is where you have arrived and the road ahead is yours to tread.

Own the direction of healing and truth.

Building strength past, “so far”, is first accepting where you are.

When the clutches of pain restrain your gain, it’s the moment you’re in your own lane.

Drive inside the lines, staying focused and determined with precision and time.

The fog will lift ,the pain will submit ,to the authority that will never quit.

Does this speak to you or someone you love?

Be aware, they are in there.

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