Your Life is Your Sky


The world is your sky and you were made to fly, be precise and focus on the energy you exert to manifest exactly what you desire on this earth.

Kerri Elizabeth

The eagle again, wings wide open flying in.

A drive and then again the eagle flies in front of me wide open soaring past like a whisper in the wind.

Coming around the corner for a swoop down and then, seemingly with a glance he tells me more again.

The energy of his face surrounds my heart with a magical embrace.

What is happening is in front of me?

What is the eagle showing me?

Sometimes two at a time coming down right in line.

The confidence, the precise flight, the look in the eagle’s eyes.

What are they trying to say, everytime I leave home there is more in the day.

Near the hi-way or the lake, on a twisted road without a mistake.

Sitting in the living room, I can see so clear their perch.

They are aware and conserving energy for the greater good on earth.

His focus is precise, he maximizes on acceleration and flight.

Soaring through the sky, swooping down right past the height of my eyes, there is a sign.

Open your wings and continue to fly, the world is your sky.

Sending honor and respect always victorious and free.

Glide with focus, time and accuracy.

Take doubt out of the moment and open up your wings.

Life is your sky and you were made to fly.


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