Rebel into a dance!



Experience every emotion and dance with it into the sunset and allow the sunrise to lift you into a new day!

Kerri Elizabeth


What perpetuates your emotions?

What provokes your intuition?

Do you breathe in fear and release a tear?

Empathetic grace will oppose reluctance.

Anger and anxiety fearlessly dance the tango.

Immersion into the depth of the unknown offers wisdom.

Fire in the soul ignites passion.

Sunsets will gently disappear quietly planning their re-entrance.

Light your inner wounds and enter without caution.

Open the gracious arms of excitement and invite the beauty of change.

Create the ripples of forgiveness to flow through your veins.

Listen without interruption.

Speak without being silenced.

Love without being asked.

Part the skies of the past and future and be present.


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