The Way You Touch My Lips


Allow the rain to kiss you gently, inviting you passionately into a connection with your soul.

Kerri Elizabeth


The scrumptious way water rains on me.

The way raindrops roll down my nose and touch my lips gently.

The way the ocean water cools my feet and enters gracefully into my core.

The amazing blissful energy it pours into my cells.

The dose of happiness and joy that fills my heart.

The language of this miracle that hydrates my soul.

The power in the invitation it sends me to jump and free my spirit.

The inner mermaid in me is driven to swim and swim and swim.

To dive into the glory of the divine security in it that holds me.

How does a raindrop fall so gracefully and become one with a larger body?

Without wonder or question they become the power of more!

Sunshine for YOU!

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