Limb by Limb

0104-2018-0754527885873994497001716398757.jpegReflection is in the eye of every beholder, linked perfectly to expression and emotion, where the heart goes is where your truth shows.

~Kerri Elizabeth~


Embrace the reflection
Limb by limb again
Rightside up
Upside down
Significant details are profound
Imagine that was you
In the reflection and truth
What would you see
With no mistaking
Limb by limb
Wrinkle by wrinkle
Do you love what you see
Like the reflection of this tree


11 thoughts on “Limb by Limb

  1. Beautiful. On the weekend I realised how much we project ourselves onto things outside and how much of our perception is ruled by people’s line of vision. I love the expression in this one. <3

    • Thank you so much..I totally agree with you….ive been practicing my own vision snd perspective without distraction..what do I feel when I see..what do I see when I feel..without asking anyones view first I observe my own and see where it goes when other views and energy come in..its sure interesting isnt it?

      • It really is. Its interesting just to observe our thinking and for me the assumptions I make about others motives which may come out of not knowing at all. I watch the way I react at times and project and think Wow I wonder where that came from. Your vision practice sounds like it will bear a lot of interesting fruit. 🙂

          • Brilliant. I have come to some very similar insights. I feel we do project inner judgement out and imagine things people are thinking or judging when often they are just tied up in their own lives. I had a very judgemental mother and sister though so I learned to be critical of appearances that did not confirm while secretely admiring them. The entire issue of perception and projection is so complex. Great post I loved reading it. x

    • Thank you so much..your beautiful and I appreciate your amazing insights and life journey and I so appreciate your support.

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