Keep smiling and one-day life will get tired of upsetting you!


S- Sharing





What if you woke up every morning and put a smile on your face?

What if every person you came across you could embrace?

What if you helped someone every day?

What if you remembered it’s another day?

What if you walked with only confidence and lived your life with significance?

What if every word today sounded like a smile and you kept that for awhile?

What if you held that smile all day and challenged it to not go astray?

What if you received every smile your way and didn’t push it far away?

There is always something you can do to change your day and someone else’s too!

There is someone that needs your smile, are you holding back and waiting awhile?

There is a heart struggling to open, your influence and energy can  be unspoken.

 There is a mind struggling today, will you be the one to encourage their day?

Share a smile with every face, start with your own and practice the pace.

You got this challenge, I’d love to hear, how did you feel, what did you say, how many hearts did you touch today?

Share the Sunshine on your face, today is a beautiful day to embrace!

Let me know how you applied this today, I would love to hear how it changed someone’s day!

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