The most important part of communication is to listen to what is not being said.

Peter Drucker

What do I say?

How do I say it?

Will I say it right?

 The heart beats faster, palms are wet, legs are shaking and your mind re-invents.

Breathing becomes secondary and panic sets in.

All of the sudden you realize the reality can win.

Mind has the thoughts, heart has the pace, soul is ready to take its place.

Communication starts inside, listen to the conversation, it is your guide.

What if the conversation inside you said this?

All that flows from you is peace, love and joy.

You have everything abundant inside to enjoy.

Breathe in and out the very best, this moment is yours I’m so impressed.

When the conversation inside leaves no room for fear and doubt, the communication outside moves lovingly out.

Its starts inside the communication guide, read it, it’s all supplied.

What would you tell someone else to do if they were struggling to say something too?

Remember every day that you are the communicator of your way, this lesson is now underway.

This is a gift its part of you, all you have to do is remember you’re important too.

What drives the decision between yes and no is the conversation you have somewhere between your head and your toe.

Let go of the blame the shame and the doubt and converse with the person you can’t live without.

What do you want your walk to talk?

Think about the conversation inside, it is the communication that reflects outside.

Sunshine on your shoulders!

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