When Color Fades and Your Heart Reigns


When black and white and color start to fade….your heart sees where your eyes perception changes shades.

Kerri Elizabeth

Is it blue or is it purple?

Is it nice or is it great?

Is it sad or is it disappointing?

Are you sick or do you have symptoms of being sick?

Are you tall or are you bigger than me?

Are you short or are you smaller than me?

Am I overweight or am I heavy?

Are you healing or are you broken?

Is your cup half full or is it half empty?

Do you see the sun first or the few clouds around it?

Do you see with both eyes or with your heart?

Do you hear noise or feel a vibration?

Is it grey or is a lighter shade of black?

Is it Yellow or a lighter shade of orange?

Do you see red or do you see Mauve?

Does it matter what color you see it?

Does it matter if you see it the same as me?

Does it matter if I see it the same as you?

What matters is that you are being true to YOU!

Be love in how you see.

Be love in what you do.

Be love in the way you move.

Be love in your truth.

When you love all of YOU, love will be all you do!

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