A Different Day


Be different in every way, see beauty in your day , smile along the way, love is never in the way, accept a different kind of day.

Kerri Elizabeth

A different day.

Put a smile on your face.

A different way.

Rejoice in the challenge and pray.

A different energy surrounds you.

Be aware of whos around too.

A different route.

Be open to your where abouts.

A different feeling.

Gratitude inside revealing.

A different thought.

Changes you on the spot.

A different willingness to hear.

A growing time from old fears.

A different calm in a storm.

A divine love so warm.

A different strength deeper than the eye.

A desire to understand why.

A different way to see.

A willingness to set it free.

A different kind of day.

A wave of compassion regularily interchanged.

A different attitude.

A cellular gratitude.

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