My Mother’s Love


Thank you mom for giving me life , your love and smile have been my greatest advice!

Kerri Elizabeth

Happy Mothers Day Mom!

I am thankful for you everyday.

Every Day you’re there for me no matter what I say.

Everyday I know you love me and it’s never part way.

You’re beautiful inside and out.

Even when there are days you’re not sure about.

There’s a story in those baby blues I’ve seen through my life.

The ups and downs , joy and strife.

Your love for life has always been the very best advice.

It’s the beauty in that love for life that has been something I never had to ask about twice.

No matter how many years pass by.

No matter how many laugh lines and warrior scars you find.

You radiate a beautiful heart and mind.

I’ve seen that smile light up lives.

Traveling far not knowing where you’ll arrive.

I saw you work hard night and day.

To provide the best for you and I along the way.

Sometimes getting one step forward meant 10 steps dancing back.

Adventure and a smile was the proper daily attack.

You always danced through it all, showing me life was a dance even when you fall.

Your beautiful traveling spirit took me far in every kind of volkswagen car.

Thank you mom for your love of life.

Thank you mom for all your advice.

Even when I thought I didn’t need it, I listened and learned along the way.

Thank you mom for loving me, your very favorite child everyday.

That’s what my four children taught me.

A mother’s love is more than anything you can see.

Each one is my favorite hands down, that’s the love of a mother.

There is no where else that kind of love can be found.

Thank you Mom, your the best!

I love you and  hope your Mother’s day is full of sunshine and rest!

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