I Am Not A Human




When life gives you a challenge to defeat, let intention and purpose meet!

Kerri Elizabeth

In the magic of sound there is something to be found.

In each beat of your heart you have a new start.

In the deepest moments there is a rythym of components.

In the worried mind there is serenity waiting in line.

In the threat of stress there is something to address.

Thoughts will flow, like a river filling with the winter’s snow.

Close your eyes and feel your heart.

Breathe in the laughter and the sounds that keep your soul above the ground.

Thankfulness can clear fear.

Pain will teach you new ways to steer.

I know there must be a way..

To get rid of my childs tumors TODAY.

Why I say and then I pray.

Please lead me to a new way.

I know you gave me this beautiful gift.

To be the mother of three beautiful daughters and my son Zak Swift.

Thank you for every smile I see.

Thank you for the love and light they breathe.

Thank you for their beautiful heartbeats.

Thank you for the lesson learned, life is about love and not what we have earned.

Thank you for the sunshine on them today.

Thank you for there independence and strength along the way.

Thank you for the difficult times, even though I want them to go away.

I will continue to learn and share and pray.

From the deepest passions of my son’s songs.

He has chosen a brave independent way to belong.

From the heart and soul of his deepest voice.

I will continue to share his words of choice.

From the passion of a man on his dancing feet.

From  the blessings and agony of love not defeat.

From what is heard in the cities walls.

From the way he expresses his gains and falls.

Thank you for the freedom to feel the beat.

Thank you for everyday we have to complete.

Sunshine on it all.

Choose to stand not fall.

One thought on “I Am Not A Human

  1. THAT was AMAZING! Simply AMAZING! You have the heart of your Mother, that’s for sure!

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