Presently Present

Purposefully present a new perspective , lean into a new view! ~Kerri Elizabeth~

Whisper like a leaf slowly taking flight.

It’s amazing and right.

Breathe the whirlpool of pure hope.

Arouse your curiosity into the palms of mother natures beautiful life lines and  be fully alive.

Relax the Grasp and release the soles to walk the unraveled path.

Stand firmly in the stature and posture of truth.

Take the corners of life solid and upright.

Lean into the turn and be aware to discern.

Trust in the center your soul is open to enter.

Serve a hand shaken from experience wrapped in a gift of Compassion.

Water dripping from her fingertips captivated by the waterfalls of perception.

Leaning ,hearing,feeling,seeing.

A rush carved by the bow creating a separation of harmony and presence.

Harmony deafening the human reaction to correct and delivering an invitation to growth.

The beauty to create a principal or two is the artists, that’s you, willingness to feel presence that’s true.

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