You Are the Artist of Your Words


Each word you speak is a color in the art you choose to seek, paint your world!

Kerri Elizabeth

Feed your soul greatness.

Your heart words of love.

Use words that make yours and others heart sing.

Fill your day with words that lift you up.

Words that bring joy and never give up.

Words that bring a smile.

Words that bring passion.

Words that build strength.

Words that bring honor.

Words that share a beautiful vision.

A beautiful song.

A  moving story.

A  feeling that moves you from within.

When your heart breaks, sing it out into the wind.

When your mind is restless, give it colorful symbol again.

When your soul is looking for light, sing to the clouds a song of delight.

When a word of discouragement arises,bury it with light.

When a word of hurt crosses your path, make a you turn out of the fear of might.

When a heavy word weighs on you, let it go, let it pass, it deserves no energy at last.

Fill your life with love, light and greatness.

Fill your heart, soul and mind with peace, breathe deeply and release.

Sunshine on you daily!

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