H20 and Snow


When the seasons change and you feel rearranged , no wall will hold you back from it all, don’t skip the struggle, build your strength to get over the wall and new seasons will shine on it all.

Kerri Elizabeth


When the snow walls start to grow all that is intact becomes compact.

The snow glistens in the light.

Every flake falling from the sky seems to have a purpose to fly.

Trees hold their hands out to measure the snow’s weight often taking on too much and they break.

The wind will blow and  some of the snow leaves the branches to bounce back up to grow.

Critters make their way and snow walls are built on the path they pave.

It’s amazing to me how snowflakes are made and create walls after they fall.

You can see the snow hanging on in places, falling and creating beautiful spaces.

Roofs are covered with a blanket of white and along all the edges are pure white.

Icicles seem to be pulled to the ground from an invite to the last drop coming down.

With every drop of H2o created from the melting snow you get a glimpse of nature’s show sharing with you more to know.

As the air’s temperature changes ,nature’s way arranges the H2o and the reflection of you in the glow.

The trees

the snow

the sky

the walls

the icicles

the mountains so high

the lakes

the deer

the fire crackling near

take in the wonder that surrounds me so clear.

There is nothing so profound than the beauty of nature and the lessons found.

Sunshine on the snow  always reveals diamonds everywhere you go.


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