Start With a Dot


When the sentence runs-on and no paragraph is in place, when a canvas is painted  and never seen , when a story is not read and is simply left to end where is the place to start again? Add a dot of silence to begin again, you are the story and decide when.

Kerri Elizabeth

Silence is!

This space is a place no one can erase.

Safety is in there, nothing can compare.

It is a space where nothing and everything exists.

It is a place and a space that only you can hear.

Wait, do you hear in there or wonder where?

It is a solitude and your own embrace.

Where touch is missed, solitude takes shape.

Where time is lost, presence is found.

Where pain is felt, healing takes its place.

Where thinking is over stimulated by what is around, the mind can rest sound.

Where breathing is not honored, every breathe will now be life.

Where your heart feels like its weight is more than you can take, it will now float like bubbles in the wind across a calm surface again.

Where your soul seems without a direction, direction becomes you with every move.

Where we forget we are the perception and story, we become the canvas to paint our glory.

Silence is a blank slate where nothing needs to be erased, where the story of your life has a place to start.

Put a dot of silence in there now and then so the run-ons will end.

Sunshine inside and out, finding a dot in silence where a new paragraph starts again.


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