A Challenge Turns To A Celebration Of Change

If it doesnt challenge you it wont change you

What is a challenge today will often become a celebration another day!

Kerri Elizabeth

Sometimes your time goes perfectly smooth and other times you look back and it was too easy to lose.

Sometimes there will be a friendship that can stand the times, others will go along the line.

Sometimes there will be approval and other times there will be the no that shows you another way to go.

Sometimes there will be a hug and other times a tear.

Sometimes there will be smiles and often times you go an extra few miles.

Sometimes there will be something you just can’t figure out and you must keep moving about.

Sometimes love is felt and sometimes we have to remember love starts inside ourself.

Sometimes love is given, sometimes it’s received.

Love always begins inside of what we believe.

Sometimes we forget when we tell someone else what to do, we need to look inside of us too.

Sometimes we look at the sky and other times it feels too high.

Sometimes we laugh and other times we cry.

We all have a different why.

Ultimately everyday starts, goes and ends, how will you choose to experience it now and again?

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