Shine from the inside out where love starts and works its way out!

Kerri Elizabeth

Good morning beautiful bright sunshine.

Shine on me.

Fill me with pure elated ecstasy.

Let your rays write across my soul a tattoo of all you hold.

Surround my body with your natural heat.

Deliver your love so complete.

Wrap me in your daily surprise joyfully being alive.

Calm my spirit with your gift of delight.

Let me bask in you from morning till night.

Let me breathe in your energy of pure gratitude.

Let me lay down and immerse myself in you.

Thank you for awakening the blue sky too.

Thank you for showing me the gift of shining comes from inside of you.

Thank you for moving the clouds and teaching me how to break through.

You’re a miracle of energy to our earth.

Through the trees you peek waking all of spring’s new birth. 

Letting go of resistance and flowing freely you teach me daily to be me.

Your love is consistent a never wavering truth.

 Experiencing nature is our gift of living proof.

Sunshine delivered to your door.

Open it up and experience so much more.

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