Look At the Blue that Surrounds You

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Give gratitude for the gift of life and the surprise in the wonder of the deep blue skies your under.

Kerri Elizabeth

Lay down and look around.

The sky of calmness surrounds.

Do you ever wonder where the sky ends?

Have you ever wondered if there is a turn or a bend?

Have you ever just stared into the deep blue mystery above?

Have you ever soaked in the miracle of all the sky does?

Have you ever watched the clouds take shape?

Have you ever thought it would be a great escape?

Do you imagine what exists in the depth of the sky?

Have you imagined touching a shooting star go by?

Gratitude is written in its existence.

Surrender to the stresses of resistance.

Lay down and look around.

Look deep into the blue that surrounds.

Let wonder never pass you by.

Gratitude is in the sky.

It holds our world up like a present given as a beautiful surprise.

The stars the milky way  and the northern lights.

Experience the ecstasy in the energy it invites.

Take in a dose of the deep blue sky.

Let your imagination fly.

Stretch the possibilities of your beautiful gift of life.

Sunshine on you today in the most profound way.

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