Reflections In The Dew


Find the peace in nature’s house it will show you what lives about.

Kerri Elizabeth 


The fires up and crackling with noise.

The morning is starting with nature’s poise.

The birds are singing gratitude to the young and old.

The sun is rising with colors of gold.

The air is crisp delivering a kiss.

The mountains posture is nothing but bliss.

The blanket covering the blue sky, chose a different direction to fly.

The rain drops falling off the tree sparkle with a reflection of all it can see.

An evening rain came through.

Massaging every tree limb leaving mirror drops of dew.

In the far distance different callings through the trees.

Nature is waking with thoughts to please.

Breathe in the beauty of what is real.

Breathe in the calmness entering your heart to reveal.

Keep the magnificent harmony inside.

Peace is given its not hard to find.

Tap into your soul it knows the way.

Its consistent and loving everyday.

What do you want in life today?

Choose your path in all you say.

Look in the reflection of the raindrops dew.

Their placed perfectly to show you.

Sunshining on your day.

Your soul has more to say.

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