Being Heard Is Beyond Words



When the universe hears your cry and energy has been left inside,being heard is beyond words.

Kerri Elizabeth

Talking through what’s inside you.

And being loved all the way through.

Is a gift you give to more than you.

When hearing is a place you give grace.

When listening is a space where safety can be embraced.

When you can share your heart in that place.

When your value is honored and lifted high.

Where taking it personally is left behind.

Where love is the safety net to unwind.

Where blame is not the target line.

Where a treasure chest of understanding opens up.

Where the mind can talk.

Where the heart can walk.

Where the soul can creatively open more.

Where you give more and take less.

Where freedom to feel and be heard is loved and returned without a mess.

Thats where we grow.

Thats where life shows.

Thats where creative minds flow.

Thats where love knows.

Thats where your soul opens up.

Thats where communication is learned.

Thats where all that’s good is returned.

Listen and hear, your turn is near.

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